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This template is used to show the documentation of the template or a module that is stored in the /doc subpage and wraps a green box around it depending on the namespace of the page using the template.

On any page, this template is best used using the following syntax:

<!-- Your template code --><noinclude>
<!-- Categories, interwikis and TemplateData goes to the /doc subpage -->

The documentation page is then created through the links provided by the template when the page is saved. If a /doc subpage exists, this template will transclude it accordingly with the respective categories and TemplateData documentation if the page is in the Template: namespace.

For advanced usage, please read the documentation on the English Wikipedia.

Technical notes


This template invokes Module:Documentation and passes given parameters over to it. The module is the main place where the processing and formatting of the page is done.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

TemplateData for documentation

A template to display documentation from the /doc subpage.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

Documentation page1

The page holding the documentation, if not in the default /doc subpage.

Page nameoptional

A custom heading to use instead of the defaults. Use "off" for this parameter to disable the heading text.


Contents to put in the documentation box, used to put documentation on the template page itself.

Heading styleheading-style

Optional CSS for formatting the heading. Use this without quotation marks " " but with the ending semicolons ;.

Link boxlink box

Content that should go into the box below the documentation. Use "off" to remove it.