User:Cromwellt/To do

This is a list of things that I am planning to work on sometime in the near future. If something is here, it does not mean that I will get to it, it only means that I would like to get to it. This list is by no means complete. Feel free to add to this list if you wish, or do the things before I can. To do:

  • Do lots of work (or in some cases, more work) on pages in the Wiktionary: namespace (and maybe Help: namespace) like:
  1. Wiktionary:Style guide
  2. Wiktionary:Wiki markup
  3. [[Wiktionary:Protected page guidelines]] --> Wiktionary:Protection (needs work)
  4. Wiktionary:Searching
  5. Wiktionary:Rules
  6. Wiktionary:Vandalism
  7. Wiktionary:Vandalism in progress
  8. Wiktionary:Assume good faith
  9. Wiktionary:Be bold
  10. Wiktionary:Don't bite the newcomers
  11. Wiktionary:Neutral point of view
I think much of the infrastructure needed here can be copied from English Wiktionary (after some simplification) and/or Simple English Wikipedia (with some minor changes).
  • Finish entries on the following templates:
  1. Template:body
  2. Template:foot
  3. Template:head
  4. Template:leg
  5. Template:solar system
  6. Template:religions
  7. Template:nountypes