What is this page?

This page is used to prevent users from using the AutoWikiBrowser tool on Wiktionary. This is to prevent users from causing a large scale damage on Wiktionary without prior permissions given beforehand. This page is protected and is only changeable by administrators. Non-admin users should request on Wiktionary:Administrators' noticeboard to be added into this list.

Administrators: Feel free to add yourself to the appropriate lists below if you intend to use the tool.

For allowed users

The users listed below are allowed to use AutoWikiBrowser. All administrators are allowed to use the tool by default while any other user can be added by any administrator. Users are responsible for the changes they make when using AutoWikiBrowser.

Accounts listed under the bots heading have AutoWikiBrowser's automatic mode enabled.


  • HydrizBot
  • Minorax

Approved users

  • Barras
  • DannyS712
  • Hydriz
  • Pkbwcgs