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personal + -ly


  • (UK) IPA (key): /ˈpɜː.sə.nə.li/ or /ˈpɜːs.nə.li/
  • (US) IPA (key): /ˈpɝ.sə.nə.li/ or /ˈpɝs.nə.li/
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more personally

most personally

  1. You say that you, personally, think or feel something, because you want to admit that other people may disagree with you.
    Personally, I feel like I am one of the best workers here.
    I personally think that it's a valuable change.
  2. If you are personally involved or responsible, or if you do something personally, it is you, yourself, as an individual, and not somebody else.
    The president is personally responsible for what happened in New Zealand.
    On Friday, she personally made clear to me that she was leaving the company.
    I personally had nothing to do with it.
  3. If you take something personally, you believe it was meant to hurt you.
    He's just in a bad mood, so don't take it personally.
    When the negative show reviews started to come our, he took it personally.
  4. If you know someone personally, you know them and they know you.
    Sure, I know of her, but I don't know her personally.
  5. If something is true personally, it is true of your personality and character.
    Even though I'm on TV every day, I'm shy personally.
  6. If something applies personally, it applies to your private life at home, not what happens at work or in society.
    He was totally in control of his life, personally and professionally.