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  1. (uncountable) Strength, energy, force, control. A quality that can make things happen.
    His muscles have a lot of power.
    The prime minister has power over the country.
    Fight the power! (Meaning, "Fight authority!")
  2. (uncountable) Energy or electricity.
    The city had no lights that night because there was no power.
  3. (uncountable); (physics) Power is how fast something uses energy. That is, how much work it does in a certain time.
  4. (countable); (mathematics)   to the power of   is equal to   multiplied by itself   times.
    Two to the power of three is eight ( ).
  5. (countable) A special ability that someone might have.
    In comic books many heroes have amazing powers.
    Television often shows witches as having magical powers.
  6. (countable) A person or group of people with authority; that is a people who control things.
    The mayor and the sheriff are the major powers in this town.
    China and the United States are two of the main world powers.
    I like the idea, but the powers that be will not allow it.

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Verb change

Plain form

Third-person singular

Past tense

Past participle

Present participle

  1. (transitive) To provide power for or give power to (a mechanical or electronic device).
    This CD player is powered by batteries.

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