User:Cromwellt/Imports sandbox

This a list of the imports that I plan to make. I am checking if they already exist. I remove links that are to imported and fixed entries.
List 1 classic equivalent express fan fifty hundred impulse investigation join nice people permission picnic Planck constant postgraduate education potable praise prequel present prevention privilege progress protogalaxy rank rear redundancy reference reign relative repeat reset rhyme rich sadism segment sell sessile seventy shadow snowflakes (snowflake) spouse stake sting strength student stunt submerged supplier territory thirty tonne trader translator twenty understanding unprofitable

List 2 definition festival

List 3 alliance before challenge change characteristic cluster determinism expensive hunk master pretence

List 4 academia armigerous component estate gang gangster goodnight graphic healthy horror interpretation lemma lottery loudness lubricant manifest mercenary popularity reproduction smash statement strain term tribute

These are links that were there and aren't anymore.
brother correct daughter-in-law deaf fundamental gal generate hadith half hard science holy war imagination integrity italics jeans Late Cretaceous massacre message miner minus motto mystery nephew niece nobody parenthesis partisan patriarchy precise print purchase purge push random recognition resolution respect result risk rumour sacrifice save savoury southwest speaker spic surrender takeoff thief user versus warm wash wealth whole

This list includes words (mostly from the current list) that already exist. I will need to integrate the info from SEWP into these, maybe using transwiki.
before challenge change classic component correct equivalent definition estate express fan fifty fundamental half healthy hundred impulse interpretation investigation join nice people precise present print push resolution respect result sell smash statement surrender takeoff thirty twenty versus warm whole