single is one of the 1000 most common headwords.
sing - single - sir
English numbers (edit)
1 2  → [a], [b]
    Cardinal: one
    Ordinal: first
    Frequency: once
    Multiplier: single
    Distributive: singly
    Fractional: whole
    Number of musicians: solo

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  1. (usually before a noun) A single thing is the only one.
    In large baking dish, arrange chicken pieces in single layer.
  2. You use single to stress how many or how few.
    I hate going to work every single day and listening to people yell at each other.
    I haven't heard a single word of thanks.
    Eastern Canada is the world's largest single source of newsprint.
    I don't think we should give them a single thing.
  3. A single person is not married.
    The single mother of two spends weekends with her kids.
    I used to go out a lot when I was single.

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  1. (music) (countable) A single is a song that is sold or put out by itself (or with one other song), not on an album.
    Today she releases her live version of Birthday, the first single from an upcoming tour album.
  2. (sports) (countable) In baseball and cricket, a single is a hit that enables a runner to score a point.
  3. (sports) (countable) In baseball a single is a hit that enables the player to move to first base.
  4. (sports) (uncountable) Singles is a game where each side has only one player, especially in tennis.
  5. (plural only) Singles are people who are not married or not in a romantic relationship.
    You'll pay no tax if your income falls below $50,000 for a married couple, $35,000 for singles.
  6. (countable) A single is a hotel room for one person.
    I reserved a single in Montreal.
See also double

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  1. (sports) (intransitive) In baseball if you single, you hit the ball and are able to run to first base.
    The batter singled to right field.
  2. (intransitive) If you single something out, you identify it, often to give it special attention.
    She was singled out as the best student in the class.