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word is on the Basic English 850 List.
wool - word - work
word is one of the 1000 most common headwords.
wood - word - work

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  1. Words are the smallest meaningful pieces of a language that can be used on their own.
    Do you even understand the words I am saying?!
    Class, if you are not sure on any word, be sure to check the dictionary.
  2. A word is a short conversation.
    Can I have a word with you, John?
    Mr. Gambini, a word with you, please?
  3. A word is a promise given to someone.
    She gave him her word that she would pay him the money on Tuesday.
    You have my word for it that the work will be finished before the weekend.
  4. A word is a piece of news.
    Send word to John that Mary is here.
    The word is that Mary stole some money from John.
  5. When Christians speak about the Bible, they sometimes call it the Word.

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  1. (transitive) When you word something, you are trying to say or write it using certain words and to phrase it in a certain way.
    The mayor's speech was carefully worded to avoid offending the angry protesters.