An adjective modifies or describes a noun. The central adjectives describe size, shape, colour, worth and age. Most adjectives are gradable (e.g., big, bigger, more interesting, most interesting). Adjectives can usually be modified by an adverb.

A list of adjectives Edit

You can see a list of adjectives here

Where adjectives go Edit

Most adjectives can be used attributively and predicatively.

Examples of attributive adjective form (adj + noun):

  1. The red apple
  2. The handsome man
  3. The lovely cat

Examples of predicative adjective from (verb + adj):

  1. The apple is sweet
  2. The man is very polite
  3. The cat is hungry

Examples of combination:

  1. The red apple is sweet
  2. The handsome man is very polite
  3. The lovely cat is hungry

How to modify adjectives Edit

You can usually modify adjectives with adverbs.

The very big cat is sleeping.
This book is surprisingly heavy.

Grading Edit

Adjectives can usually be graded. There are two levels of grading: comparative and superlative

Adjective Comparative Superlative
big bigger biggest
fast faster fastest
good better best
interesting more interesting most interesting
dangerous more dangerous most dangerous

A comparative compares two similar things. You can usually make a comparative by adding er to the end of an adjective.

Rock music is louder than silence.
An elephant is bigger than a mouse.

A superlative compares one thing to a group of similar things. You can usually make a superlative by adding est to the end of an adjective.

The savannah elephant is the largest type of elephant.
Rock music is the loudest type of music.

Often, the group of other things is not said:

Rock music is the loudest.

If the adjective ends in an "e", then just -r or -st is added.

nice - nicer - nicest.

If adding an "e" to the end of the word will change the sound of the word, then the consonant is doubled. This happens when the last three letters of the adjective are a consonant, a vowel, and a consonant.

big - bigger - biggest.
hot - hotter - hottest.

A few common adjectives have irregular comparatives and superlatives:

good - better - best
bad - worse - worst