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  1. (countable) An alphabet is a list of the letters used to spell words by representing phonemes.
    The first 3 letters of the alphabet are A, B and C.

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Some types of alphabets are:

Latin alphabet
The Latin alphabet, which is also called the Roman alphabet, is used for English writing.
Cyrillic alphabet
There are several types of Cyrillic alphabet used in different countries.
Greek alphabet
The Greek alphabet is used by people in Greece. The letters are sometimes used by scientists when writing equations.

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Accented letters, such as ü, are not generally counted as separate letters.

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Letters of the Alphabet

A a - B b - C c - D d - E e - F f - G g - H h - I i - J j - K k - L l - M m
N n - O o - P p - Q q - R r - S s - T t - U u - V v - W w - X x - Y y - Z z