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A clause with NP (John) as subject and VP (hit the ball) as predicate
  1. A clause is a section in a contract or other legal document.
    The author's contract contained a clause giving him creative control over the films.
  2. (grammar) A clause is a group of words that usually includes a subject and a predicate. In English, the subject usually comes before the predicate.
    The last clause in the sentence is hard to understand without knowing some background.

Grammar (edit)
parts of speech noun - verb - adjective - adnoun - adverb - determinative/determiner - article - participle - pronoun - conjunction - preposition - interjection
grammatical functions head - dependent - subject - predicate - predicator - object - complement - predicative complement - predicative adjunct - predicative oblique - appositive oblique - modifier - supplement- adjunct - determiner/specifier
clauses main clause - dependent clause - subordinate clause - relative clause