Word parts


your + -self







  1. You use yourself when the person doing an action and receiving an action are both you.
    Be careful. You'll hurt yourself.
    Are you happy with yourself.
    I heard you got yourself a new pet.
  2. Use for emphasis.
    Don't pretend you don't know. You yourself have seen these kinds of problems.
  3. If you do something by yourself, you do it alone.
    That's beautiful, son. Did you make it by yourself?
  4. If you don't feel yourself, you are different from usual, because you are sick, scared, stressed, etc.
Singular Plural
Subject Object Possessive 1 Possessive 2 Reflexive Subject Object Possessive 1 Possessive 2 Reflexive
First I me my mine myself we us our ours ourselves
Second you you your yours yourself you you your yours yourselves
Third Feminine she her her hers herself they them their theirs themselves
Masculine he him his his himself
Impersonal it it its its itself